St. Pat’s 2020

Something That Rings True
What It Is
Safe Home



Instead of playing music with and for our friends at the best Irish pub west of Galway (O’Shea’s Olde Inne, here on Cape Cod) we thought we’d share a few songs from “Notes From Home”. 

It’s been a century since cousin Maggie escaped the black and tans, settling in Southie at our Old House on K street, where she lived for seven decades or so. These are for her; and the rest of us. We’ll be celebrating the 17th this year with one Guinness in the fridge, a few spuds, and some leftover cabbage (not a band name?).

Here’s to NEXT ST. Patrick’s day! Love and good health to all our friends and family, from Ireland to California and beyond..
Take Care
and Safe Home

Bob and Kathi