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Pack up the memories.
Pack up the ghosts.
Head for the hills, or the Cape, or the Coast.
It’s time to pack up the past…

It’s about a year since we left the “old house” in South Boston and landed in our new home on Cape Cod. Only an hour from Southie and old friends; we could have landed a lot further out. We’re glad we didn’t, there is a lot of music and art here, along with a few old (musician) friends, and hopefully, a lot of new ones…

Short, Sunny version: Change is good. Small change isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. So…we left the city behind and headed south to fresh air, blue skies, and new horizons.

Long, Cloudy version: Painful, filthy, funny – still not far enough away to put it all down.

In the long run: Om is where the art is, as the cockney yogi said; so my artist and I (kathitaylor.com) are re-focusing our efforts, re-starting our careers, re-charging our engines and working at it again. Having no studio for two-plus years has left me with a lot of songs, old and new, to be recorded. Please stay tuned, and we’ll be posting some new music in the months to come.

Thanks for listening…
Bob and Kathi

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